Problem SolvingProblem:

Corporate silos in IT and Marketing departments make the development and deployment of current technologies very expensive and slow to realize value.

Compounding the issue, we continue to see reduction in customer loyalty throughout the market. Businesses without real-time actionable customer insights are losing revenue to their competition


AFT’s Evolutionary Identity Store organically changes over time, as behavior/data is added and changed, with new rules, consistent identities- Dynamic, Scalable and Queryable.

We are skilled problem solvers, using technology, your collective wisdom and ours, to help you save cost, grow revenue and margin, improve service, and prevent disruptions.

Our culture is one of hard work, getting it not just right, but infusing every result with accuracy, delivering thoughtful and complete outcomes.

Our culture is also one of good humor, wit, wisdom and laughter.

While we begin with listening- we also share the learnings and insights from other enterprises- to optimize your use of our technology.

We take Security, Privacy and Compliance seriously, and embed this by-design in all of our solutions. It’s in our corporate culture and in our business DNA.

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Industries We Serve

We bring objective, actionable insight to brands across all sectors including but not limited to automotive, insurance, telecom, travel, entertainment, CPG, banking, technology and retail.