About Atlantic Fox Technologies, Inc.How We Work

We approach every client with the understanding that your needs, your goals, and your processes are unique to you your culture, and your brand. We are skilled listeners. We are skilled problem solvers, using technology, your collective wisdom and ours to help you save cost, grow revenue and margin. We strive to improve your service, and prevent disruptions.

What We Do

We partner with our brand clients’ enterprise technology teams to give them direct access to their first party data from all of the many and disparate sources and channels on our QuantaTM Platform that lets’ the enterprise, from the C-suite to the Action Teams know:

  • WHO transacts’
  • WHAT they spend
  • WHAT channel(s) they use
  • WHEN the action occurred

Industries We Serve

We bring objective, actionable insight to brands across all sectors including but not limited to automotive, insurance, telecom, travel, entertainment, CPG, banking, technology and retail.