Why Choose Atlantic Fox Technologies, Inc.After years of observing the industry pervasive “cookie-cutter” approach resulting in imprecise matching, the Atlantic Fox Team has developed a technology platform that is brand-informed, and precise. Our technology allows you to define on-the-fly the WHO, WHAT and WHEN for your Marketing Teams to act on, pivot and analyze. Often our clients capitalize on this real-time value to build a ‘loyalty menu’ to retain current customers and steal new ones from your competition.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to bring disruptive efficiencies to Industries that are bogged down in siloed and legacy systems. We help Medium to Large US corporations reduce spend, increase margin, grow revenues and learn new things about their customers and people they already know about.

We do this by providing custom matching solutions, custom person identities, utilizing evolutionary learning 24/7/365.

Our unique and unmatched solutions are exportable, queryable, and include real-time change notifications.

And if you need best-of-class third-party data, we partner and provide tested and proven BEST OF CLASS Data from the leading Third-party data providers. We are accurate, fast, complete, and transparent.

Industries We Serve

We bring objective, actionable insight to brands across all sectors including but not limited to automotive, insurance, telecom, travel, entertainment, CPG, banking, technology and retail.